How accessible is Debian?

Samuel Thibault

Quite well!

Could do even better!


What can you do?

Please ask questions / debate

What is accessibility?

See Accessibility HOWTOs


Braille devices

Picture that shows some physical braille cells
  • Serial, USB, bluetooth connection
  • 12 / 20 / 40 / 80 cells

    Picture of a PocketVario

    3600 EUR


    Picture of a SuperVario

    5500 EUR


    Picture of an Iris

    9170 EUR

    40, Note taker

    Don?t focus on one technology

    Dedicated software

    State of the Art

    In a few words

    Linux Console accessibility

    Figure showing details of relations between applications, Linux and brltty

    Linux Console accessibility

    Picture showing relations between a shell, YASR and the real TTY, through a pty

    X accessibility, Mercator 1.0

    Picture showing relations between xedit, Xserver and Mercator: text goes from xedit to X server through Mercator

    X accessibility, Mercator 1.0

    Figure showing relations between gedit, X server and Mercator: now Mercator gets pixmap, not text, because gedit uses gtk which uses pango to render fonts

    X accessibility, AT-SPI

    Figure showing how Orca plugs into gtk through AT-SPI, hence being able to get the text, and output it via braille, speech, ...

    Technically speaking

    In practice

    A lot of technically speaking accessible applications actually aren?t so much

    What you developer can do

    How about Debian?

    Debian Installer

    Debian Distribution

    Some ideas: packaging

    More general ideas



    Slides, resources, docs: