Accessibility Tips

This wiki collects tips for improving programs accessibility with screen readers. It is not meant to replace application documentation, but for quickly finding useful software and setting useful configuration options.

There is roughly one page per program, explaining which options can be useful to activate for better accessibility (as well as finding our accessible software). They are gathered in some categories, see CategoryCategory.

There is a special page LUG which is meant for LUG people that suddently welcome a blind person in their community.

There is also a page FreeBrailleDisplay for work on a Free Braille Display Project.

You can also just look at all the pages: TitleIndex.

Note: when a tip says to "add something to your ~/.foobar", that means that you should use a text editor, open a file called .foobar in your home directory (create it if it doesn't exist yet), and just put the given lines at the end of the file.

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